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Testimonials from Professional Athletes

    Testimonials from Professional Athletes on the Primal Reflex Release Technique™ for Pain Relief

    Professional athletes are demanding patients: they routinely push their bodies to the limits of physical capacity, they want quick relief of pain and dysfunction so they can get back on the field, and there is a professional career riding on what you can do to give them results.
    Here’s what professional athletes have to say about the results they’ve received with the Primal Reflex Release Technique™. These are actual testimonials and not paid endorsements.

    “No therapy…came close to PRRT“

    “After nearly a decade of NFL experience with numerous surgeries, no therapy even came close to PRRT in rapid, lasting pain relief.”

    Jay Schroeder, NFL Superbowl Quarterback

    “Able to achieve relief”

    “I have been experiencing great back pain, gone through a l4-l5 micro discectomy. Had all kinds of setbacks trying to get back on the field. Finally a friend of mine introduced me to John Iams and his expertise in back pain.  With his help I was able to achieve relief and get back on the field. Thanks John!”

    Eric Chavez, Oakland A’s Major League Baseball

    “Back to my normal self”

    “I just wanted to drop a quick line to say thank you and to explain a little on how beneficial this program was for me. When I saw John Iams I was diagnosed with a slight hamstring tear in my right hamstring. I was given a six-week work settlement and was released from the San Diego Chargers. By the third week and the second treatment I was about 90 percent and by the third visit I was back to my normal self, with the advantage of more flexibility in both my hips and hamstrings.

    “The treatment I received was unlike anything I have done in my 15 years of playing highly competitive sports—it was better than I have ever received. John has a great understanding of the body, its systems, and how they all correlate with each other. Many thanks to John and his vast knowledge that he brings to a profession that needs him to get people on the field faster and more efficiently.”

    Cory Withrow, San Diego Chargers Football Team

    “Results have been extraordinary”

    “During the last two years, we’ve referred a number of Major League, Minor League and Division I pitchers for PRRT™. In every case, the results have been extraordinary. You’ve proved my doctors wrong… saving me from needing a TKR with your expertise.”

    Tom House, Ph.D., sports psychologist, former major league pitcher, President, National Pitching Association, San Diego, CA

    “After about 10 minutes…a smile of hope began to show on my face“

    “Before working with Mr. lams, I had gone to six months of traditional physical therapy; I had a bone scan, an MRI, X-rays, you name it. A back specialist even told me that I had to be okay with the fact that I may never be able to play again. I had received a wide
    spectrum of diagnoses ranging from weak back muscles to herniated disks, none of which
    were substantiated by test results or successful treatments. After these 6 months of
    treatment and tests, I still could not even walk up stairs without my back going out.

    “John worked on me, and after about 10 minutes of that first session a smile of hope began to show on my face. For the first time, someone was able to relieve the pain and tightness. The next
    day I went running with the team for the first time in over 6 months. It actually felt as if I
    was running faster and more freely than before I began feeling symptoms. Needless to
    say, I continued a series of treatments with Mr. lams and I was completely resolved of all
    the issues I had. Since then, I have been able to continue a successful career. His
    techniques both healed my injuries and helped maintain my muscular health. Not only did
    Mr. lams help me get back on the field, but he also helped me elevate my game to a
    higher level.”

    Danny Putnam, Oakland A’s Major League Baseball Player

    “Regained full motion instantly”

    “Last year a shoulder injury caused me a lot of distress and forced me to take anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the pain. John Iams used his PRRT™ on my back, arm, and shoulder. I regained my full motion instantly and my pain left. John’s single several minutes of treatment totally amazed me as it freed me from the pain and now I’m back on the court having no problems.”

    Ruth Ryan, wife of Nolan Ryan, baseball pitcher and future Hall of Famer, AR