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Testimonials for the Primal Reflex Release Technique™ from Physical Therapists

    If you want to know whether a manual therapy treatment works to relieve pain and increase range of motion, ask a physical therapist who has actually tried the technique. Read the testimonials below and see what physical therapists who are trained in Primal Reflex Release Technique™ have to say about how it has improved patient satisfaction, increased their client base, and financially boosted their practice.

    Excellent results

    “Just a note to thank you for such an amazing seminar last month. The new techniques have made a remarkable change in many of my most difficult patients. You were absolutely right when you said the expression on the patient’s face is priceless. I’m getting excellent results.”

    Keith Owen, P.T., Fairfax, VA

    man with the mojo

    “I have now used this technique on everybody I could put my hands on. It works like a miracle. [Some of the] patients who felt … relief … were very emotional and began to hug and shake my hand. They are calling me the Man with the MOJO!”

    Hiten Dave, P.T., private practice, Pleasanton, CA

    quickest and easiest way to release pain

    “Hands down. . .your PRRT is the quickest and easiest way to release pain I’ve seen in my entire career! I even got an article in my local paper upon returning from your seminar. The results of both the technique and article are exciting and I’m looking for more.”

    Jerry Felton, P.T., private practice, Scottdale, PA

    more than worth it

    “Thank you for providing me with a skill to get the edge in physical therapy. . . .This work is priceless! I’ve traveled all the way from Japan for this training and it’s more than worth it each time I come.”

    Takao Sunagawa, P.T., Kobe, Japan

    Nothing short of remarkable

    “I have been in PT practice for 14 years. . . .[My] experiences with the implementation of these techniques have been nothing short of remarkable! I am even further pleased to report that after completing an advanced course this summer the results that most of my patients experience continues to astound myself and my staff on a daily basis. At this point in time I truly believe that PRRT has empowered me to become 10 times the clinician I was in the past.”

    George G. Girolami, P.T., O.C.S., M.T.C., Atlanta, GA

    Amazed and inspired

    “I’m continually amazed and inspired by John’s never ending quest for cutting edge knowledge. His PRRT will forever change your view on patients and revolutionize your practice”

    Randy Kusonose, P.T., Director of the Jones Institute (StrainCounterStrain) San Diego, CA

    greatest discovery to modulate the neuromuscular system

    “I can truly say that John Iams’ PRRT is probably the greatest discovery to modulate the neuromuscular system I have ever seen. The eval is simple and quick. The techniques are easy and amazingly responsive. Patients notice results immediately. ”

    Joseph A. Kleinkort, MA, Ph.D., P.T., CIE President, Pain Management, SIG, APTA

    PRRT has changed the way I practice

    “PRRT has changed the way I practice. Everyday, EVERYDAY, I make profound changes in my patients. I have learned to integrate PRRT into all my treatment approaches; it has enhanced every aspect of my prior manual therapy techniques.”

    Bud Ferante, P.T., OCS, MTC, Private Practice & BacktoGolf, Carmel, CA

    most exciting and revolutionary manual treatment method

    “I feel that the discovery of PRRT may be the most exciting and revolutionary manual treatment method in over 30 years. Furthermore, it’s novel approach and amazing results make it a must for our clinical ‘tool bag’ and necessitate introduction to more clinicians.”

    William H. O’Grady, P.T., D.P.T., OCS, MTC, COMT, FAAOMPT, FAAPM

    results are amazing

    “I have used your techniques with great success. The speed of application and results are amazing. You have found yet another piece of the puzzle of pain!”

    Alan Weismantel, P.T., OMT, Hanover, PA, Developer of Neurofascial Release

    cannot recommend it enough

    “PRRT has made a very powerful impact on my clinical thinking and approach. I cannot recommend it enough.”

    Robert Lardner, P.T., Chicago, IL

    patients say ‘incredible’ and ‘miracle’

    “I have used the Primal Reflex Release Technique™ for over a decade as I was in John’s first-ever seminar. I’ve become so accustomed to hearing patients say ‘incredible’ and ‘miracle’ when using PRRT; I’ve even begun expanding its use to neurological cases, too, with equally great results.”

    Irene Oliver, P.T., La Mesa, CA

    amazed and…only scratched the surface

    “I love the PRRT techniques!! I am already amazed and I know I’ve only scratched the surface.

    Penny Clark, P.T., Bedford, IN

    truly a miracle

    “Thank you for all the knowledge and for taking care of my Lateral Pterygoid at the Seminar John! It hasn’t bothered me since! Again, I can never thank you enough for what you all have found and shared with us, it’s truly a miracle!”

    Polly Taylor, P.T., Fairfax, VA

    “a whole new realm of effective treatment”

    “PRRT has opened a whole new realm of effective treatment to offer my patients. Also, it has exposed me to a vast amount of information that has greatly benefited me both personally and professionally.”

    Vicki White Carpenter, P.T., private practice, Denver, CO

    great results

    “I use PRRT on all my patients with GREAT results.”

    Chris Denham, P.T., Greeley, CO

    radically reduce[s] pain and improve[s] function

    “PRRT has been a breath of fresh air in my practice. I have been successful in treating with neuromuscloskeletal pathology for 20 years. You always know in the back of your mind that there must be a way that either improves the speed of “healing” and/or resolution of symptoms, or there must be some other means of providing pain relief to people who do not respond to other techniques or modalities. Well, PRRT is that way. Based on science, John Iams has put together an evaluation and treatment approach to radically reduce pain and improve function.”

    Larry Steinbeck, P.T., private practice, Kennesaw, GA

    “my practice has grown”

    “Since attending John Iams’ first seminar my practice has grown. What is better is that I’ve opened my eyes to what is healthy for myself (physically, nutritionally, emotionally & spiritually). It has really helped me get on track.”

    Victor Romero, P.T., private practice, Paso Robles, CA

    gratitude from very satisfied patients

    “Having been in the field for over 18 years, until I stumbled on to PRRT, I had no idea about the intimate correlation between the inner world and the outer world – our mental and physical as in theses techniques. I can say that all these years it was a hit and miss at getting patients better without any real predictability.  Now that I am armed with PRRT and John’s innovative approach to nutrition, based on the tearful thanks and gratitude from very satisfied patients with long-standing pain histories, I feel I make a difference in the their well being. I am ever grateful to John!”

    Dhaval Buch, P.T., private practice, Bakersfield, CA

    given me…confidence and skill

    “I walked into a meeting with two physiatrists, one neurologist, and one nurse practitioner and I said, ‘Who has pain right now?’ PRRT has given me the confidence (and skill) to do that. (BTW: Her pain rate went from 5/10 to zero in 7 minutes!)”

    Oren Bar, P.T., Lafayette, LA, private cash practice specializing in chronic pain

    faster patient outcomes

    “I can say with confidence that this new approach is a worthy tool in any manual therapist belt. In fact, it is probably the most important because of its ability to “unlock” the neural control of pain allowing for the permanency that often lacks with other current manual therapy techniques. I KNOW adding this to my “bag of tricks” has been a turning point in achieving faster patient outcomes, and the reverberating sound of ‘That’s amazing’ in my clinic.”

    Tim Zeplack, P.T., O.C.S., C.S.C.S., Chicago, IL

    results are great

    “I have really enjoyed using PRRT and its results are GREAT!”

    Jeff Busha, P.T., private practice, Indianapolis, IN

    amazing results

    “I am having amazing results with PRRT!”

    Brian Miller, P.T., private practice, Marquette, MI

    seeing the results

    “I am very fortunate to have learned your technique and I am seeing the results over and over. Thank you!”

    Arthur Senining, P.T., private practice, Honolulu, HI

    wonderful results

    “We are using PRRT with our patients and having wonderful results.”

    Diane Raber, P.T., private practice, Westminster, CO

    clients are astounded

    “I am tapping away and loving every minute. I am still amazed at the results and my clients are astounded.”

    Stan Brown, P/T., private practice, Springfield, MO

    changed the way I look at my patients

    “I am using the techniques everyday… and getting incredible results. You have changed the way I look at my patients and have given me such a powerful tool to really make a difference in a very quick way.”

    Wendy Flath, P.T., Park City, UT

    I’m slammed as word has spread

    “It has happened…I was already too busy, now I’m slammed as word has begun to spread about my rapid results with PRRT. Thanks John for giving me quicker ways of addressing my patients’ problems with PRRT.”

    Wade Baskin, P.T., private practice, Nominating Committee for Private Practice Section/APTA, Louisville, MS


    “Miracles are still every day occurrences with PRRT.” Aloha

    Rusty Cottrell, P.T., private practice, Kapaa, HI

    absolutely amazed

    “Just finished the PRRT Seminar in October and absolutely amazed at the results I have been getting. I am excited to learn more and looking forward to the Intermediate class!

    Rege Turocy, P.T., Bethel Park, PA

    thrilled about PRRT

    “We are thrilled about PRRT, getting great results, just as you said we would.”

    Peter Konopasky, P.T., private practice, Laguna Hills, CA

    definitely…most helpful approach

    “PRRT is definitely the most helpful approach I have come across in my 348 years of practice.”

    Paula Nickel, P.T., private practice, Ft. Collins, CO

    using…for over a decade

    “Have been using John Iams’ techniques for over a decade now.  I’ve enjoyed the results on the majority of my patients. John has definitely found a missing piece of the puzzle. Can’t wait for the next seminar.”

    Keith Owen, P.T., private practice, Rockville, M.D.

    skeptical about new techniques

    “Having been a PT for 28 years. I have become skeptical about new techniques… I bought the Home Study Course to see if I could duplicate the impressive results and found [them to be] very clear and easy to follow and I was able to duplicate his techniques easily. The impressive part is that I have gotten the same excellent results with my patients in just 2-3 visits…changing the direction of my private practice and improving my ability to compete in the market place”

    Dan Gullotta P.T., M.A., C.Y.T.,private practice, Polson, MT

    two years now and…no pain

    “John demonstrated how to assess for neural influences protective reflexes can have, taking only a few minutes and giving instant results. Immediately I started utilizing the Primal Reflex Release Techniques™. For example I was visiting my accountant and one of her employees was experiencing constant LBP for the past six months and nothing has helped her…. I performed John’s technique for the illipsoas. I then retested her flexion standing, and she was pain free. Palpation of both illopsoas was virtually resolved and much looser. It has been two years now and she still has no pain.”

    Eric Rohozinski, P.T., Wailuku, HI (private practice)

    fast [and] they last

    “The techniques are fast, they last and they are physically easy to perform. My patients can’t believe how fast! I use them in conjunction with other manual techniques or by themselves…. These techniques will change the way you practice. They make practice fun and exciting.”

    Rene Bates, MTC, M.S.P.T., CSCS, Bend, OR

    getting the ‘wow’ response

    “Thank you for sharing a portion of your infinite knowledge. I have been utilizing the PRRT Seminar in my clinic and have been getting the ‘wow’ response overall.”

    Leah Terry, P.T.A. Bedford, IN

    use it every day

    “I really don’t know what I’d do without PRRT, I use it every day. I feel sorry for the poor buggers who don’t have the skill because there’s a big cloud of dust behind me and guess what they get to eat!!! Thanks again for sharing the gift.”

    Jeff Swift, P.T., private practice, Great Falls, MT

    “[tried] virtually every manual therapy”

    “PRRT has become an integral part of my everyday treatments and for good reason.  Having practiced for nearly 4 decades and taken virtually every manual therapy approach out there, I’ve finally found what’s been missing in them….it’s how protective reflexes are influencing pain. For total knees I very rarely have difficulty with the stubborn knee flexion contracture by addressing the withdrawal reflex and quieting down the iliopsoas and hamstrings response to the post-surgical pain. Post-op plastic surgery patients that have emotional reactions to the early post-surgical appearance that is far different than they had fantasized. For the treatments of rotator cuff tears, neck and back patients it significantly reduces the length of stay in P.T.”

    Tom Cole, P.T., Stuart, FL

    tremendous difference

    “Adding PRRT to my practice has made a tremendous difference in how quickly my patients return to pain free activity.”

    Mark Grosel, P.T., Wauksha, WI

    one of the best tools

    “PRRT is one of the best tools to release acute or chronic muscle pain. If you have the opportunity you should learn the technique.”

    Andrew Bloch, D.O.M., M.S.P.T., A.T.C., Miami Beach, FL

    treating more patients

    “Since I first began utilizing PRRT as part of my practice, I find my results much faster, patients more satisfied (often amazed), and am treating more patients than I ever did before. PRRT has changed my entire practice. I have come to expect at least 50% improvement within my first twenty minutes with a patient, something that would have taken weeks without PRRT. I have never found anything as revolutionary in my 25 years of practice.”

    Dede Lewis, P.T., Salt Lake City, UT


    “PRRT has become an indispensable part of my practice.”

    Mari Gish, P.T., Minato-ku, Tokyo

    gentle on…patient and… therapist

    “PRRT works to decrease pain and tension throughout the patient’s body. It consists of relatively simple but specific techniques that are gentle on the patient and the therapist. As a therapist I can assist my patients’ return to health without exhausting me”

    Marty Krause, P.T., Greeley, CO

    return to…function faster

    “PRRT has changed both my personal and professional view of the human body, health, healing and wellness. My patients return to their previous level of function faster than before. It is a truly remarkable treatment technique and approach”

    Amy Snyder, D.P.T., Milwaukee, WI

    non-invasive/non-threatening technique

    “Great tool for treating pain and restoring function with a very non-invasive/non-threatening technique!”

    Wendy Flath, P.T., Park City, UT

    integral to…treatment plan

    “I have consistently and successfully used PRRT techniques to treat patients with chronic symptoms. These techniques were integral to their treatment plan.”

    Carl Mangione P.T., D.P.T., O.C.S., Doylestown, PA

    quick evaluation

    “A quick evaluation process and quick response gives me quick results or a quick indicator to explore further for alternative treatment options.”

    David Foo, P.T., L.A.C., Libertyville, IL

    will…revolutionize… rehabilitation

    “PRRT has and will continue to revolutionize the rehabilitation field. In over 25 years of practice, I have never felt so strongly about a technique or treatment philosophy. Management of restrictive pain patterns can be achieved in seconds.

    Terry Woolery, P.T., Las Vegas, NV

    never had so much success

    “I have been practicing as a physical therapist for over 30 years, but never have I had so much success treating patients than for the past several years using PRRT techniques. It has re-energized my desire to see the chronic pain as well as the acute pain patients. I now look forward to the patients that have failed with other types of treatment and with other therapists. I will forever be thankful that I am having the opportunity to use PRRT and see the drastic results before I end my career as a therapist. It actually makes me wish I were just starting out again as a physical therapist, so I could have helped all of those patients that never responded to traditional physical therapy treatments. Thank you John Iams. I love my work and my patients.”

    David Herrington, P.T., Jackson, MS

    most efficient and effective

    “PRRT by far is the most efficient and effective method I’ve used clinically.”

    Daniel Ray Sindo, P.T., Brooklyn, NY

    improved my practice

    “My patients are simply amazed by how quickly some simple and easy techniques can get them out of pain. PRRT has really improved my practice.”

    Blondel Assonken, P.T., Spokane, WA

    first treatment of choice

    “I have been using PRRT for several months now and it is my first treatment of choice for musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction. It is the quickest most effective means of relieving pain and gaining a good rapport with patients. I have had great wins with some pretty touch patients and am grateful to have this technique in my manual therapy toolbox.”

    Chris Michels, M.S.P.T., Great Neck, NY

    never gotten more out of…training

    “PRRT has given me an excellent tool for treating my clients. I’ve never gotten more out of any seminar or training than I have with PRRT. It makes sense and is the quick and easy tool I’ve been looking for to calm the brain and body. It is invaluable and has changed my life.”

    Rena Hicks, P.T.A., Traverse City, MI

    a tool I wouldn’t be without

    “I use PRRT everyday in my practice with amazing results. This is a tool I wouldn’t be without.”

    Barb Feller, P.T., Ft. Collins, CO

    lasting results

    “PRRT allows me to quickly alleviate pain and stiffness with lasting results.”

    Michelle McCarthy, P.T., DP.T., OCS, West Los Angeles, CA


    “PRRT has proven to be a beneficial technique for a wide range of patients who suffer with pain. This technique is fast and effective. I am very happy that I have learned PRRT and am able to share it with my patients.”

    D. Andrew Clarke, P.T., Upper Marlboro, M.D.

    changed the way I think about pain

    “PRRT has completely changed the way I think about pain and how to treat it. I will forever be grateful to John for his ambition in this field and his thirst for knowledge. Thank you!”

    Gerad Robertson P.T., A.T.C., Parker, SD

    increased my awareness of the body

    “PRRT for me has increased my awareness of the body as a whole and to the fact that the inherent reflexes can be recruited the right way to treat pain. This has really changed the way I practice and the result is improved patient satisfaction and outcome.”

    Ibrahim Arowolo, P.T., Worth, IL

    seeing more patients

    “PRRT has allowed my patients to recover faster and return to the activities they enjoy. I am able to decrease their pain and increase their function so much faster than before. Rather than my faster results putting me out of business,  the word of mouth is spreading so I am seeing more patients and providing more relief than ever before.”

    Patrick A. Crebbin, P.T., C.H.T., Klamath Falls, OR

    already having significant success

    “I am already having significant success with the PRRT in my practice. I was so excited to begin using these new techniques on my patients.  On my first day back I had a few “wow” moments with patients. Thank you for giving me another tool for my toolbox, and the ability to create a “niche” for my practice.”

    Hilary Rendon, P.T., Starkville, MS

    faster and often more effective

    “PRRT makes the treatments faster and often more effective than conventional approaches alone. Patients definitely get that “Wow” response. It also helps in giving a prognosis in regards to therapy.”

    Richard Kruckeberg, P.T., Mattoon, IL

    changed the way I treat

    “I have been in practice for 30+ years treating pain & spinal problems. PRRT has successfully changed the way I treat patients.”

    Charles Edwards, P.T., St. Joseph, MO

    phenomenal tool

    “PRRT has been a phenomenal tool in treating patients with both acute and chronic pain. I am now able to address complaints with an entirely new mindset.”

    Kevin Kennedy, P.T., Jackson, MS

    makes my job more exciting

    “PRRT is the quickest and easiest way to relieve pain. It gives me confidence to handle patients with difficult problems and it makes my job more exciting.”

    Oliver Patalinghug, P.T., Rochester Hills, MI

    how did you do that?

    “I am truly enjoying the PRRT home study course and seem to get nice results. I have to be honest; when I first saw this stuff I thought it was a bunch of BS. I kept going back to the website and reading and eventually got the PRRT home course and I am loving it. I get a ‘How did you do that?’ everyday I use it.”

    Rob Shapiro, M.A., P.T., C.O.M.T., Bethpage, NY

    great results

    “I’m getting great results with the PRRT home study course.”

    Evan Chait, P.T., Allendale, NJ

    patients travel..several hours

    “I use PRRT with every pain-related patient that I see on the first visit. There is no treatment that I have used with better or faster results for pain related problems. My patients call it “my magic” and many times it works just that quickly. Patients travel from up to several hours each way to be treated with PRRT. Anyone that has experienced the results will never practice the same way again.”

    Suzanne Seff, MBA, P.T., Baltimore, M.D.


    “Love this voodoo!!!!!”

    Larry Bertolucci, P.T., Pawleys Island, SC

    already integrated them

    “I love the techniques so far and have already integrated them into my practice!”

    Joan Anderson, P.T., Lamar, CO


    “Unreal….no other approach in PT can do what this does”

    David Apts, P.T., Ashland, KY

    no longer be a skeptic

    “Anyone who has trained in PRRT and applies the techniques will no longer be a skeptic. This stuff is great. I am having incredible results.  Every week I am improving in my abilities with the techniques and decision making of which ones to use, etc.”

    Derek Childers, P.T.A., Ashland, KY

    results for a variety of my patients

    “PRRT has significantly enhanced my manual therapy skills. I’ve experienced great results for a variety of my patients. I use PRRT with a vast majority of my treatments”

    Dave Little, P.T., Twin Falls, ID

    success… extraordinarily, amazingly improved

    “Since using PRRT my success in decreasing pain and getting people out of their painful condition has extraordinarily, amazingly improved. It has changed the way I initially look at my pain clients. The rapid results are awesome. Thanks for adding PRRT to my bag of tools.”

    Stan Brown, P.T., M.T., Springfield, MO

    I have been searching for this missing piece for a long time.

    I have been a PT for 30 years and have taken many, many continuing education
    courses. When I received your home study course I must admit I was a bit dubious but
    after applying the techniques I was blown away by the results.

    My sister-in-law fell down the steps and sprained her foot and asked me to see her.
    After I completed the treatment to her foot she told me she also hurt her neck. I did the One-Minute Nocioceptive Exam and identified areas of involvement she didn’t know she had. I
    was in a bit of a hurry so I used the ‘eye flicking’ technique used on your video. She sat
    up with an amazed look on her face- most of her symptoms had been relieved. I saw her
    one more time and she has had no neck pain since. I learned later she has had chronic
    pain in the neck and thoracic areas but has been asymptomatic since I treated her using
    your reflex techniques.

    I have been searching for this missing piece for a long time. Thank you so much for
    making this work available.

    Timothy P. McHenry, P.T., C.L.T., Greensburg, PA

    most effective approach

    “I have had great success with PRRT”. It is the fastest and most effective approach I know.”

    Linda Lauer, P.T., Monroe, MI

    totally amazed

    “Both my patients and I have been totally amazed.”

    Theresa Carpenter, P.T., Fairhope, AL

    changed my life and practice

    “PRRT has truly changed my life and practice. This is why I decided to become an instructor in this technique. This is a course that should be taken by anyone who practices in the musculoskeletal pain arena.”

    Michael Pennington, MSPT, Talent, OR, private practice

    magic hands

    “PRRT is working great for my patients, friends and family! They all say I have magic hands! Thank you!”

    Annette Klauck, P.T.A., Milwaukee, WI

    After two PRRT sessions, 80% better

    “I’ve taken the PRRT Seminar and I’ve already had amazing results. I have taken numerous other manual therapy paradigms (Maitland, Mulligan, Paris, Muscle Energy, Function Mobilization) and I’ve never seen a form of manual therapy that causes changes this quickly. I had a patient with fibromyalgia who had been seen for three months by two other PT’s in our practice with no change in her symptoms. After just two PRRT sessions she reported she was 80% better. I am not sure who was more astonished myself or the patient.”

    Jeremy Baber, P.T., NY, NY

    magical stuff

    “I have been having great results with the techniques after taking the PRRT Seminar. My patients ask for “the magical stuff”. I am looking forward to going to the next level with the Intermediate Seminar.

    Robert Shapiro, P.T., Huntington, NY

    most effective therapy approach

    “In 22 years of practice this is the fastest and most effective therapy approach I have been trained in!”

    Linda Lauer, P.T., Monroe, MI


    “The home study course has been quite enlightening with positive results.”

    Harrison Diep P.T., D.P.T., Pembroke Pines, FL

    loved the home study course

    “I loved the home study course and have been using the techniques for several months.”

    Joan Anderson, P.T., Lamar, CO