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How Can the Primal Reflex Release Technique™ Improve My Practice and Benefit Me?

PRRT Practitioner Tara O’Kelly featured on KSWB-TV San Diego

PRRT Can Boost Your Practice

What does every pain-relief practitioner want? The ability to rapidly release patients’ pain, a solid client base to create a stable practice, and financial stability in these changing economic times.

Primal Reflex Release Technique™ has assisted thousands of physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and other pain-relief professionals to achieve these very goals in dramatic fashion. PRRT-trained practitioners have achieved remarkable patient results and transformed their practices in incredible ways. How can PRRT possibly claim to do all of these things?

Quick Results Give Increased Patient Satisfaction

PRRT identifies and instantly disengages the body’s overly protective reflexes that inhibit a patient’s progress in recovering from injury or other stress. The process begins with the One-Minute Nocioceptive Exam to evaluate and identify underlying pain and stiffness due to reflexes that have defaulted to a state of hyper readiness. Once these triggered responses are reset, much of the pain will instantly dissipate, allowing subsequent treatments to have a dramatically greater effect.

Although PRRT does not work for every condition on every patient, if it fails, it fails quickly. You can immediately discern its ineffectiveness and move on to other treatment regimens if needed.

When PRRT does work—as it does 80% of the time—you will see dramatic results, often on the first attempt, as:

  • Patient issues that might otherwise take months to resolve will be relieved within just a few visits.
  • You feel less physically drained, as the gentle PRRT techniques remove the reflex barrier you have battled in the past.
  • You find more satisfaction as you see greater results from your efforts.
  • Your practice grows as PRRT’s patient-pleasing approach attracts new clients.

PRRT—A Tool for Every Pain Problem

From head to foot, PRRT will allow you to treat nearly every problem your patients’ present. Fibromyalgia and other myofascial pain syndromes have been successfully treated with PRRT and found to respond rapidly. Once you are trained in PRRT, you may soon find that you look forward to challenging patients, as you have a skill set to match their previously unsolvable issues.

With just a few moments of PRRT treatment, you will often see tremendous results as:

  • Trigger points are eliminated.
  • Restricted motion is restored.
  • The speed of motion returns to normal.
  • Fascial restrictions release
  • Pain is eliminated or dramatically reduced.
  • Proprioception replaces nocioception.
  • Lymphatic flow is enhanced.

In short, your patient’s sense of well being will be restored, and with it will come a smile and a sense of wonder at what you have accomplished.

Satisfied Patients Spread the Word

PRRT-trained practitioners soon find that they are in high demand as word spreads of the quick and lasting results they achieve with PRRT in their arsenal of treatment protocols. TV and other media outlets may seek to interview and highlight your newly found, eye-opening results. PRRT will give you the tools to stand head and shoulders above your competition. There is no greater recipe for a successful practice.

PRRT, the Way of the Future

PRRT is a revolutionary technique that has the potential to forever change the way pain and injury rehabilitation is viewed and addressed. Nearly 2,000 practitioners worldwide have discovered PRRT and found it to be “nearly magical manual therapy.” PRRT may very well be the fastest, easiest, gentlest approach to pain relief, as well as a patient-pleasing, first-session success method to blend with your current techniques. Be an early adopter and you will lead the way for your patients to quick and effective pain relief.

Where Do I Start?

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Enroll in the Home Study Premium Course Today

The Home Study Premium Course will teach you a number of PRRT maneuvers. It offers a foundational knowledge of what PRRT is, how it was developed, as well as how and why the techniques work to provide pain relief. You will observe John Iams, who developed PRRT, effectively treat several dozen patients in less than five minutes each.

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Live-Training Seminars

The two-day Live-Training Seminars offer a wealth of training—including over 30 PRRT techniques for the entire body. These seminars are offered worldwide.

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