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PRRT Instructors

Abhishek Sharma, Physiotherapist

"After becoming a PRRT practitioner, I can confidently tell to my patients, FEEL BETTER IN FOUR OR SCHEDULE NO MORE!"

Alan Nasypany Ed.D., AT

"If healing can occur at the speed of light, then reflex speed is a breeze :)"

Benjamin Pero, PTA, LMT, Manual Therapist

Turn down the 'noise' in the system. Reduce and remove interference and watch the natural intelligence of the body take over. Health and Healing ensues.

Carl Christie, BS, NMT, CPT, CES

"More PRRT: Less Hurt!"

Daniel Hass MAT, ATC, LAT

"I never get tired of seeing the expression on patients face of pain relief."

Frank Fantazzi, PT, DPT, OCS

"Where you find life-long learning you will find excellence." - Unknown
"The effort is there, the excellence is coming." - Me

Jeremiah Dees, Kinesiology Specialist

PRRT on the toolbelt of every practitioner, integrated seamlessly

Mark Kurganov

"Get better in four or schedule no more"

Mark Snyder, PT

"Without reflexes, none of us would be here!"

Robert Thomson Jr. DC

I love the look of awe and disbelief on a patient's face when they experience the dramatic pain relief from PRRT for the first time.

Thom Krupar, PT

"Wow I can't believe that just worked!"

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Steps to Becoming a PRRT™ Instructor

  1. Complete a minimum of PRRT™ Level 1-4 Seminars.
  2. Maintain an active license in your field of healthcare.
  3. Apply (below) to be considered for the PRRT™ Instructor program.
  4. Participate as an instructor assistant under the supervision of an approved PRRT™ Instructor.
PRRT™ Instructor Application Form
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Personal Information


Education and Training

e.g., Myofascial, ASTYM, etc.

Instructional Experience

Please include details such as live course vs. online and number of students/group size.

License Information

License Expiration Date
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Please submit resumé and copy of license