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Testimonials from Patients on Primal Reflex Release Technique™ for Pain Relief

    Satisfied patients—isn’t that what it is all about? No matter how much theory or research goes behind a manual therapy approach, what really matters is, does it give pain relief? See what these patients have to say about their experiences being treated with the Primal Reflex Release Technique™.

    “pain free for the first time in 14 years”

    “For 14 years I had suffered from severe back pain. I was in more pain lying down and had to sleep sitting up on a couch. I had almost resolved myself to surgery or living in pain, or both. After about 15 minutes of your therapy I was pain free for the first time in 14 years! Your treatment was simple, painless and lasting!

    Amy Callahan, T.F.T., Thought Field Therapy™, Indian Wells, CA

    “still feeling great months later”

    “My son and I were treated by John recently for chronic musculoskeletal pain. Within no more than 15 minutes, we were both feeling great. We’re still feeling great months later and after only a single brief session. I have been equally pleased with the results of clients I have since referred to him.”

    Steven Schechter, ND Author, Program Director, School of Natural Healing, Encinitas, CA

    “the literature will need to be updated with the advent of PRRT”

    “Recently, I saw John for a severe wrist injury which was slowly healing and a problem in my upper T spine, DISH, which is a severe form of osteoarthritis, normally leading to severe restriction of motion…. I have seen amazing results often within seconds in improved motion and substantial reducing in pain. Even my DISH maintained the improvement. The literature suggests DISH doesn’t respond well to any form of therapy. Apparently, the literature will need to be updated with the advent of PRRT. I’m a believer!”

    David Kaufman, M.D., Neurology & Psychiatry, Poway, CA

    “don’t know why all physical therapists don’t use PRRT!”

    “I was suffering from a SI injury that was ruining my vacation! John came to my rescue and within a few minutes, I was feeling relief. In fact, I felt more relief in those few minutes than I had felt after 6 weeks of regular physical therapy. I don’t know why all physical therapists don’t use PRRT!”

    Gwen W., Framingham, MA

    “a breakthrough in the realm of physical therapy”

    “You represent a breakthrough in the realm of physical therapy. After my accident in 1970, I went through one year of constant intense pain before having spinal surgery.…[T]he surgery was ‘successful’ but the patient was still in constant pain. I had tried acupuncture, massage, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, chiropractic, rolfing, Tai Chi Chuan, herbs, somatics, hypnosis, physical therapies of several different kinds, yoga, exercise programs, prolotherapy, and several other way-out-there therapies.

    “On my first visit you found that I still had overly protective reflexes from my trauma and 1971 operation. I am so grateful you’ve been able to release this like nothing I’ve experienced before. The work you do is very important to the healing of so many people who face pain on a daily basis.”

    Lee W. Purser, Ph.D., psychologist, San Diego, CA

    “neck has hurt constantly for 15 years”

    The other day when I left your office I had a very special and unique
    experience. As I was backing out of my parking spot I could actually turn
    around and look out my rear window without pain! It was wonderful.

    My body feels so different now. My neck has hurt constantly for 15 years. I can
    even sleep in on weekends. This may sound strange but the pain in my neck
    would wake me up every morning. Now it is so great to sleep comfortably.
    I have seen massage therapists and chiropractors for years and they were
    never able to relax the muscles in my neck or upper back. After just two
    sessions with you those areas are so much looser. Thank you for sharing
    your work with me. It is magical.”

    J. Geoffrey Murray, D.D.S., Del Mar, CA

    “How valuable it would be if more health care professionals were aware of these innovative techniques”

    “For nearly 30 years I have suffered from near constant and painful neck problems. My neck muscles would constantly knot and spasm, and my range of motion was substantially limited. I also had a constant sore spot adjacent to a couple of my cervical vertebrae.

    “I had seen a variety of medical care providers and had tried many different treatments in attempts to overcome the pain. Some treatments led to short term relief, but the problems remained. I have also experienced problems with my shoulder joint, and recently had surgery to correct a torn labrum and capsule looseness. Following shoulder surgery and a course of physical therapy, I continued to experience pain in certain positions and movements.

    “I received treatment from you…in three brief sessions over a period of three days. While I had been informed of the ‘miraculous’ results of some of the treatments employed by you for other patients, I was admittedly somewhat skeptical that a problem that I had suffered with for years with only periodic relief could be overcome quickly or easily.

    “Needless to say, I was shocked when after only a few minutes, you located the source of my neck problem and corrected the problem. I experienced an immediate change in pain (it disappeared) and in range of motion.

    For the first time in years, I was able to move my head around with apparent full range of motion and without pain. My first thought was that it was too good to be true or to last. How pleased I am to be able to say that the relief I felt then has remained since the treatment, despite vigorous exercise and movement. How grateful I am to you for this miraculous treatment. How valuable it would be if more health care professionals were aware of these innovative techniques.

    Shaun L. Peck, Bearnson & Peck, L.C., Logan, UT

    “able to run since the second treatment”

    “John Iams treated me for what I thought was plantar fasciitis. I had
    always been a runner and I had been unable to run for approximately 6
    months. He was able to treat my foot problem and did state that he did
    not believe it was plantar fasciitis but some other issue with a
    previous innocuous injury that radiated the pain to my heel, which cause
    the same sensations. I have been able to run since the second week of
    having his treatment.”

    Judy Bomberger, Pacific Beach, CA

    “free of chronic pain and pain pills”

    “I am extremely grateful for the work John is doing. It certainly worked amazingly for me. I highly recommend anyone try his therapy if you’ve found yourself in pain after trying numerous methods or if you are dependent on painkillers for relief because those will eventually stop working, too. Life is so much better free of chronic pain and pain pills.”

    Rory Mills, Orange County, CA

    “relief of a shoulder and neck spasm of 5 years”

    “At my first treatment, I asked for relief of a shoulder and neck spasm of five years duration. After the first treatment I was 60% better and after the second one I was 80% better. John told me to ‘own’ the new mobility. Immediately I was able to move my head in angles that it had not done for years.

    “I left his office and set out on the road to visit my family in another state. As I drove through the Virgin River Gorge I was able to move my head any way I wished to see all angles of the beautiful red rocks. (I love rocks.) I do love the PRRT. I plan to attend John’s training in the future so I can offer this effective modality for healing in my nursing practice.”

    Cindy Willford, R.N., Healing Touch Practitioner

    “only had 45 degrees…now…85 to 90 degrees”

    “Prior to visiting John Iams, I only had 45 degrees of rotation in thoracic spine despite an intense 30-day program of stretching. As an avid golfer I felt the need to increase my rotation. During a single session with John he released the affected muscles. I am now able to (achieve) 85 to 90 degrees. I continue to be flexible and enjoy improvements in my golf game.”

    Emery Master

    “do not use painkillers…no more sleepless nights!”

    “I was suffering from multiple injuries but notably a history of chronic back pain due to fractured vertebrae during a soccer game. Many nights I crawled from my bed to a hot bath in hopes of some relief. Pain killers at that point had become a dependency I relied on, which I needed to discontinue. I had also seen many massage therapists and the like, but only found temporary relief.

    “So I went to see John for treatment with his PRRT technique. I saw immediate results regarding the flexion and tension in my back. I could touch my toes from a standing a position, something I hadn’t done in a long time! I started stretching nightly, using John’s instructions and within a week I was out on a field playing soccer, against John’s advice.Some of the pain did return. However, I went back for one more treatment. And this time took my path back to full activity much slower, heeding John’s advice this go around.

    “Now I go to the gym three times a week, still take many of the vitamin supplements John recommended, and play pick up soccer games when I can find the time. I do still get sore from time to time when I overexert myself, but I do not use painkillers and I have not had pain anywhere near the sort of pain I suffered before seeing John. No more sleepless nights!

    Rory Mills, Orange County, CA