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Testimonials from Medical Doctors on Primal Reflex Release Technique™ for Pain Relief

    Neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, and other doctors work with patients from beginning to end of the treatment process for injuries and other pain-related issues. See what these doctors say about the results Primal Reflex Release Technique™ has given them and their patients recovering from surgery, injury, and other chronic musculoskeletal ailments.

    “fastest, most effective results”

    “I can truthfully say that having observed many, many different types of bodywork physical therapy, myofascial release, etc., around the world, some of the fastest and most effective results I’ve seen have come from a therapist who has been trained at the PRRT Seminar.”

    Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., retired neurosurgeon, developer of TENS, Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association, author of over 300 papers and 2 dozen books; world’s foremost expert on chronic pain

    “never seen hands on techniques that work as fast”

    “You’ve clearly unraveled a major part of the complexity of relief of pain as I’ve witnessed in both your seminar and observing you in your practice. In my years of practice, I’ve never seen any hands on techniques that work as fast as yours. I should know for I am a pain management specialist and lecture internationally on pain. Your work is ahead of where the science of pain is.”

    James Woessner, M.D., Ph.D. (in Neurophysiology), International Lecturer on Pain,  Maui Hawaii

    “spectacular results”

    “I am a board-certified orthopedic surgeon with a specialty in foot and ankle surgery, sports medicine, and injection therapy in the San Diego area. I have had the pleasure of working with John Iams for 30 years. During this time John has helped many of my patients with spectacular results.

    “I can truly say John has developed something special with his reflex release techniques. The patients are pain-free after one to two sessions! John has also treated multiple members of my family with great results. I can attest to the beneficial response of John’s approach to musculoskeletal pain and think it has definite clinical value.”

    Edward Venn-Watson, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, Poway, CA

    “miraculous understanding of natural law”

    “At the most recent seminar I attended, John further demonstrated his miraculous understanding of natural law. My right leg was gimpy for 10 years after a ruptured Achilles tendon repair. I had many kinds of treatment from different medical experts with little change. One PRRT maneuver taking only seconds (low extremity reflex withdrawal), and my leg was significantly improved.”

    Steven Davidson, D.O., Phoenix, Developer of Neurofascial Release

    “change how many… problems are treated”

    “PRRT is going to change how many if not most musculoskeletal problems are treated.”

    Ben Ling, M.D., private practice, Placerville, CA

    “blown away by the results”

    “I am having a great time with PRRT!!  Recently someone told me it was A MIRACLE!! I haven’t been as enthusiastic about a form of treatment since I introduced coronary bypass to this part of the world some 36 years ago. I also am totally blown away by the results from PRRT.”

    Bud Evangelist, M.D., private practice, Charlotte, NC

    “[No one] can match John’s results”

    “Having had failed back surgery years ago, John’s PRRT has helped me recover to be nearly pain free. I see John for an occasional flare up and in less than a few minutes I’m pain-free again. No other practitioner I’ve seen can match John’s results. My patients agree.”

    Alan Conrad, M.D., Internal Medicine, Poway, CA

    “never seen any technique that’s even close”

    “In my four decades of practice, I’ve never seen any technique that’s even close to the speed of PRRT in releasing pain. A chronic hamstring injury, which limited my ability to run, was resolved in less than five minutes. I had the same result with a chronically painful and restricted neckl  Both my patients and I have experienced this phenomenon on many occasions.”

    Alan Schoengold, M.D., Internal Medicine, Poway, CA

    “a significant breakthrough”

    “John has made a significant breakthrough in the use of primal reflexes and how they influence musculoskeletal pain. He is the practitioner I want my patients to see and they feel the same way. I know from my own research on primal reflexes that he is on the right track.”

    John Beck, M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon, Anaheim, CA

    ”PRRT would benefit all”

    “I strongly feel PRRT would benefit all in need of treatment for musculoskeletal pain. It sure cured my chronic back pain and to my astonishment, after just several minutes of your Primal Reflex Release Technique™.”

    Larry T. Soto, M.D., Poway, CA

    “getting great results”

    “I have been getting great results so far and have been grateful for the time and effort it saves me. I really appreciated the course and look forward to learning more.”

    Daniel Lopez, D.O., New York City, NY

    “still can’t believe what I saw”

    “My 17 year old son, Marc, was injured playing soccer. . . resulting in a severe adductor tear. After over three months of constant, traditional physical therapy at Scripps, he was unable to play without pain and his level of play was significantly diminished. I attended his first PRRT session with you and still can’t believe what I saw. You were able to use your PRRT to relax his adductor and hip flexor painlessly and in just seconds.

    “I like the rationale you have developed that injuries set up reflex arcs that mediate chronic spasm and pain involving muscle groups extending far outside the initial injury site….I intend to continue referring patients to you as you’ve repeated these results with the ones I’ve sent.”

    Daniel R. Salomon, M.D., Associate Professor, Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA

    “the literature will need to be updated with the advent of PRRT”

    “Recently, I saw John for a severe wrist injury which was slowly healing and a problem in my upper T spine, DISH, which is a severe form of osteoarthritis, normally leading to severe restriction of motion…. I have seen amazing results often within seconds in improved motion and substantial reducing in pain. Even my DISH maintained the improvement. The literature suggests DISH doesn’t respond well to any form of therapy. Apparently, the literature will need to be updated with the advent of PRRT. I’m a believer!”

    David Kaufman, M.D., Neurology & Psychiatry, Poway, CA

    “inspired with the prrt”

    “I’m getting great results with PRRT. One of my patients (I’m a predoctoral fellow in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine) was in tears from her SI pain. At the end of the session she had tears of joy and a sincere handshake while thanking me for the relief she felt.
    Our referring physician, who’s been in practice for close to 40 years, requested a treatment and was highly impressed with his results. I’ve gone in to complicated patients’ rooms completely doubting PRRT could work, and stepped out excited and inspired that it did!

    “My 82-year-old grandmother has had two hip replacements and a knee replacement, along with chronic pain from the surgeries. I tried PRRT on her, ‘just for the heck of it.’ She was so tender every place I palpated, jumping off the table.

    “With just the techniques I learned in the beginner’s course, she had relief of tenderness, and felt great when she stood up. She reached toward her toes, stating she hadn’t done that without pain in ‘a long time!’ If only I’d known the PRRT before her surgeries, maybe she could have avoided one or two, or have felt relief sooner. I am super excited and inspired with the PRRT and look forward to learning more.”

    Sarah Curtis, D.O., Bronx, NY