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Frequently Asked Questions

Primal Reflex Release Technique™ is a new and revolutionary therapy for quick and effective treatment of muscular pain. Because it is new, and because PRRT gives results that are almost too good to be true, we understand that you may have questions. Here is a list of the questions we are frequently asked about PRRT, the Home Study Premium course, and our Live-Training Seminars for physical therapists, chiropractors, and other professionals who practice soft manual therapy for alleviating pain. If you do not find a satisfactory answer to your question below, please feel free to leave a query with any questions or concerns about PRRT HERE.

I already get great results with my patients—why do I
need to learn PRRT?

PRRT has the potential to help you get those great results faster and have them last longer. With the first evaluation and treatment, PRRT lays a foundation to “neurally reboot” any protective reflexes—such as the startle and withdrawal reflexes—that may be causing pain and restricting motion. Eliminating these restrictions will allow you to progress more rapidly with the patient with any other approaches you chose to use.

How long does it take to get the great outcomes you speak of?

Unlike virtually all other manual therapies for pain, PRRT produces a marked improvement on the first visit or it is not likely to be the solution for that patient’s problem. Obviously, the more skill you develop in assessment and treatment with PRRT, the more quickly and effectively will the results be manifest.

Do I need to abandon any of the techniques I currently use
when I learn PRRT?

Absolutely not! PRRT blends seamlessly with whatever techniques you currently use. In fact, when you begin with a few minutes of PRRT assessment and treatment, you will see dramatically faster results with the subsequent techniques you use on your patients.

What if I get the Home Study Premium Course and decide that PRRT is not what I am looking for?

Not to worry. We offer a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee and have done so for over a decade. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, simply return the course in resalable condition within 30 days for a full refund.

How can PRRT help me to become the “go-to” practitioner in my town for rapid pain relief?

Creating a reputation for fast and effective results should be your goal. As you begin to integrate PRRT with your current techniques, you will find new solutions for many patients who have not responded to other methods. As your patients tell their friends about their results, you may likely find your practice expanding dramatically as other practitioners have.

— See practitioner testimonials. — With the PRRT Home Study Premium Course, you could soon become the practitioner everyone is talking about.

Will PRRT take a long time to learn?

The PRRT Home Study Premium Course takes only a few hours to complete. You will be able to use the techniques to release pain at reflex speed before you even finish the course. We regularly receive emails and phone calls from practitioners around the world relating how quickly they have seen success and how thrilled their patients are. The most common complaint we hear from practitioners is that they wish they had known about PRRT long ago, when they first began their practice.

What makes PRRT unique and able to frequently relieve 50% or more of a patient’s pain on the first visit?

PRRT teaches you to simply and easily identify and release protective reflex influences that virtually all patients have. These reflexes, when in a facilitated state, manifest with restricted motion, pain with motion, and reduced spontaneity of motion. PRRT is designed as a first-session system that lays the foundation for success with your other treatments. When PRRT is added to your existing manual skills, you may realistically anticipate having patients walk out with a 50% or more improvement in their level of pain and ease of movement, on the first visit!

Is PRRT easy to learn and apply?

Yes! In a matter of minutes you will be able to apply the techniques you have learned. And perhaps more importantly, PRRT is a gentle and light technique that is easy on both practitioner and patient. You will reduce the toil on your body and your energy compared to most manual therapy approaches, and PRRT rarely results in flare-ups or exacerbations in patients after treatment.

Why has no one before John Iams discovered how primal
reflexes influence pain?

Other researchers and practitioners have focused on and developed ways to assess and treat muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves, lymph, joints, and other systems of the body. Iams was merely the first to ask, “Why not assess and treat the neural control of movement?” His seminal work has cracked the code on finding and releasing protective reflexes, often relieving pain within moments.

Can PRRT help give me an edge over my competition?

PRRT has the ability to bring you more referrals and publicity than most other pain relief treatments. To date, about 50 PRRT-trained practitioners worldwide have been featured in their local newspapers and another dozen have had one or more feature segments on their local television stations touting the amazing results they produce with PRRT. — See media attention PRRT practitioners have received. —The value of such publicity is immeasurable in promoting you and your practice. Be the first practitioner in your area to offer the rapid release benefits of PRRT and you will have a marked advantage over every other pain-relief professional around.

What do pain experts say about PRRT?

Several of the foremost authorities in pain relief have studied, explored and evaluated the potential of PRRT. — Read their first-hand experiences. —They agree that that they have never seen nor experienced a treatment regimen as fast or powerful as PRRT.

Does the Home Study Premium Course cover techniques for the lower body?

The Home Study Premium Course contains a manual and several DVDs that do provide techniques to treat issues of the lower body, as well as the head and neck, and the upper body. You will find as you progress in knowledge and skills about PRRT, that virtually every part of the body will respond to PRRT and its release techniques.

Is the Home Study Premium Course used in place of taking a live-training seminar?

The Home Study Premium Course builds a foundational understanding of PRRT and is a prerequisite for attending the Live-Training Seminars, held in a number of locations around the world. — See the Live-Training Seminar calendar. — You may also have instructors come to your city if you would like to sponsor a PRRT live-training seminar for your clinic or your colleagues.

Does the PRRT Home Study Course qualify for Continuing Education Units (CEU) for practitioners in every state?

We are working to establish CEU accreditation in as many states as possible, as fast as we can. We now have Continuing Education approval for the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) for all levels of PRRT training, including Live-Training Seminars and the Home Study Premium Course. If you would like CEU accreditation information for your area, please contact us at PRRT Support.

Can I perform PRRT on my patients before I take the PRRT Live-Training Seminars?

Absolutely, and with amazing results, too. The Home Study Premium Course will give you a foundational understanding of PRRT and will provide a sampling of techniques that you will want to try out immediately. A Live-Training Seminar will be the next important step once you have decided to make PRRT a part of your skill set.