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Testimonials from Pain-Relief Specialists and other Ph.D. Professionals on Primal Reflex Release Technique™

    Specialists in various areas of expertise have seen for themselves the value of the Primal Reflex Release Technique™ in relieving pain, and restoring normal function after injury. See what these Ph.D.s have to say about PRRT.

    “Proved my doctors wrong”

    “We’ve referred a number of Major League, Minor League and Division I pitchers for treatment. In every case, the results have been extraordinary. Not only do our pitchers recover faster when they are in your care, they also alter their workout regimens because they now know that there is even more they can do to enhance their performance. You’ve proved my doctors wrong and saved me from needing a total knee replacement with your knowledge and expertise.”

    Tom House, Ph.D., sports psychologist, former Major League pitcher, President, National Pitching Association, San Diego, CA

    “never seen any hands-on techniques that work as fast”

    “You’ve clearly unraveled a major part of the complexity of relief of pain as I’ve witnessed in both your Seminar and observing you in your practice. In my years of practice, I’ve never seen any hands on techniques that work as fast as yours. I should know for I am a pain management specialist and lecture internationally on pain. Your work is ahead of where the science of pain is.”

    James Woessner, M.D., Ph.D. in Neurophysiology, Maui, Hawaii

    “the greatest discovery to modulate the neuromuscular system”

    “I can truly say that John Iams’ PRRT is probably the greatest discovery to modulate the neuromuscular system that I have ever seen. The eval is simple and quick. The techniques are easy and amazingly responsive. Patients notice results immediately.”

    Joseph A. Kleinkort, M.A., Ph.D., P.T., CIE President, Pain Management, SIG, APTA

    “fastest, most effective results”

    “I can truthfully say that having observed many, many different types of bodywork physical therapy, myofascial release, etc., etc. around the world. Some of the fastest and most effective results I’ve seen have come from a therapist who has been trained at the PRRT Seminar.”

    Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., retired neurosurgeon, developer of TENS, Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association, author of over 300 papers and 2 dozen books; world’s foremost expert on chronic pain

    “miracle worker”

    “You represent a breakthrough in the realm of PT. After my accident in 1970, I went through one year of constant intense pain before having spinal surgery.…[T]he surgery was ‘successful’ but the patient was still in constant pain. I had tried acupuncture, massage, anti-inflammatories, muscle-relaxants, chiropractic, rolfing, Tai Chi Chuan, herbs, somatics, hypnosis, physical therapy of several different kinds, yoga, exercise programs, prolotherapy and several other way out there therapies.

    “On my first visit you found that I still had overly protective reflexes from my trauma and 1971 operation. I am so grateful you’ve been able to release this like nothing I’ve experienced before. The work you do is very important to the healing of so many people who face pain on a daily basis.”

    Lee W. Purser, Ph.D., psychologist, San Diego, CA