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Testimonials from Massage Therapists on Primal Reflex Release Technique™ for Pain Relief

    Massage therapists understand the value of manual therapy for pain relief and the importance of having satisfied clients. See what these massage therapists say about the Primal Reflex Release Technique™, and how it has enhanced their practice, improved their results, and given more satisfaction to their clients.

    “most efficient, least invasive”

    “I’ve studied a number of other methods for relieving pain and aiding rehabilitation, but this is by far the most efficient, least invasive and most effective method I’ve seen—it has drastically altered my practice and increased my effectiveness!”

    Ginny Hayataka, C.M.T.P., C.P.T., Grand Rapids, MI

    “quickness and effectiveness”

    “I am completely amazed at the quickness and effectiveness of PRRT”

    Dannee Rodriguez, L.M.P., Cheney, WA

    “great results”

    “PRRT has allowed me to create in my clients a state of relaxation in minutes that used to take an hour. Pain relief comes faster, lasts longer and takes only one or two sessions. If ever there were a magic bullet, PRRT would be it. PRRT lets me be the therapist my clients were looking for and to give them the relief they need and deserve. Thanks for your insightful work.”

    S. Milo Carter, L.M.T., Ozark, MO

    “changed my massage practice”

    “PRRT has totally changed my massage practice of 18 years. It’s what I’ve been looking for!”

    Karen Pasquini, L.M.T., Calabasas, CA

    “just awesome”

    “I am working through the PRRT home study course, and it is just awesome! Can’t wait to get trained in person at a live seminar.”

    Paula Reeder, L.M.T., Simonton, TX

    “enjoy doing the techniques”

    “I love this the work. I’ve had amazing results and I really enjoy doing the techniques.”

    Darin Stahl, L.M.T., Dayton, OH

    “tried many types of therapy”

    “I have tried many types of therapy over the years and nothing stands up to John’s techniques. I’m thrilled to finally find something that works in a few short sessions. Thank you John, you have renewed my faith in my alternative therapy.”

    Kristy R. McFerren, L.M.T., Fredericktown, OH


    “I continue to get remarkable results.”

    Joey Raines, C.B.W.T., Montclair, NJ

    “love this technique”

    “I love this technique!”

    Robin Covert, P.T.A., L.M.T., Canton, OH

    “great addition”

    “The PRRT techniques have been a great addition to my practice.”

    Kim Silver, L.M.T., J.S.J., Roseville, CA

    “relief…three chiropractors couldn’t fix”

    “The PRRT home study course is great. I have helped my granddaughter get relief from a pain in the ribs that three chiropractors could not fix.”

    Phyllis Hensley, L.M.T., McGaheysville, VA

    “95% of the pain in less than half an hour”

    “I’ve been using the material from the PRRT home study course on my clients and they are all having very good results. My fiancé was cutting down a tree and was hurting quite a bit all over. He thought he had probably sprained muscle tissue. I’ve worked on him for years so he is very used to a variety of bodywork techniques. The techniques from the course got rid of 95% of the pain in less than 1/2 an hour. It would have been quicker but I would do one technique and then re-check the sore points to see which ones worked on which area of the body. We are both very impressed with the results. I am eager to take the PRRT Seminar. Thanks for putting this info out there for our use.”

    Rena Gaudin, L.M.T., Vermilion, OH

    “thumbs…express their gratitude”

    “This week after the Seminar, I have been using PRRT in almost all my treatments with about 80% success. My thumbs would like to express their gratitude to you for no longer needing to work hard on the trigger points. I’ve had some great results with PRRT. People almost couldn’t believe that the pain was gone. They looked at me as if I had created a miracle. Thanks John!”

    Hans Cheistensen, M.T., Tranbjerg, Denmark

    “relief comes faster, lasts longer”

    “I’ve been using the material from the PRRT home study course on my clients and they can’t believe the results. I strongly feel your technique John would benefit all in need of treatment for musculoskeletal pain.”

    Jim Meadows, L.M.T., P.A., Lewisburg, W. VA

    “getting great results”

    “I just took the PRRT Seminar and loved it. Have been getting great results with clients since!”

    Michele Antico, L.M.T., Eugene, OR

    “astounded by the simplicity”

    “I have watched your PRRT Home Study course and am absolutely astounded by the simplicity of the technique and the positive results I am getting from clients.”

    Sandie Lovell, M.T., Old Tupton, Chesterfield, Derbyshire UK

    “Great feedback”

    “I’ve been having great feedback from clients”

    Ruth Myers, M.T., Paso Robles, CA