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Testimonials from Chiropractors on Primal Reflex Release Technique™ for Pain Relief

    Chiropractors understand the vital relationship between the musculoskeletal and nervous systems, and the benefit that manual therapies can have. Here is what chiropractors who have received training in Primal Reflex Release Technique™ have to say about PRRT and how it can give pain relief even in chronic cases.

    “muscles and pain patterns…release”

    “John’s work is amazing. In a few seconds or minutes, muscles and pain patterns often release…. His teaching skills in person are great and made it easy to learn and his level of giving and love for helping others heal is exceptional. Thank you John!

    Allen Dubner, D.C., Cupertino, CA

    “one of the most effective approaches”

    “Understanding the importance of upregulation in the ANS in neuromuscular dysfunction is profound and John’s figured it out. PRRT is one of the most effective approaches I’ve ever used. It’s changed the way I practice, to my patients’ benefit.”

    C. Michael DuPriest, D.C., P.T., OCS, DABCO Little Rock, AK

    “used to take months”

    “PRRT is a fantastic technique. I’ve enjoyed using it immensely. In many patients, issues that used to take months to subside resolve within a few PRRT sessions. Over the last three years I’ve taken a lot of seminars, [but[ I can honestly say I wish I had taken PRRT first. Let’s just say PRRT works so well that I want to keep it a secret. The bottom line is if you take this course you’ll be happy you did and your patients or clients will be also.”

    Colle Hunt, Jr., D.C., San Jose, CA

    “most exciting technique”

    “PRRT is the most exciting technique I’ve ever encountered. It works quickly and is painless. I can’t wait to get back home to use it on my friends, family members and patients. PRRT fits flawlessly with the chiropractic theory of the body doing the healing with the practitioners help.”

    Lorraine Alexis, D.C., private practice, Bartonsville, PA

    “a vital link”

    “Chiropractors beware; if you aren’t incorporating PRRT in your practice, you’re missing a vital link to helping your patients.”

    Marc Shragher, D.C., private practice, Warminster, PA

    “regular ‘miracles’”

    “I appreciate your work and the regular ‘miracles’ that are happening daily in my office.”

    Robert Pratt, D.C.., Pueblo, CO

    “seen amazing things”

    “The Home Study course is spectacular. This technique is awesome. I have used the techniques already and seen amazing things…it works!”

    Perry Nickelston, D.C., Ramsey, NJ

    “an excellent instructor”

    “John is an excellent instructor. PRRT and the information he presents is fantastic. As a Chiropractor, I am very excited about the results I’ve had. John relieved 90% of my chronic mid-back pain in just several minutes. Nothing has even done that and held the results.”

    Jim McCallister, D.C., private practice, Livermore, CA

    “want to be the only one…with the magic”

    “Part of the problem about getting this information out there is that those who know it want to be the only one in their area with the magic that PRRT provides!”

    Jim Kellogg, P.T., D.C., M.D., M.Ed., A.P., P.T. instructor, Florida A&M Univ., Tallahassee, FL

    “one of the most effective approaches”

    “Understanding the importance of upregulation in the ANS in neuromuscular dysfunction is profound and John’s figured it out. PRRT is one of the most effective approaches I have ever used. It will change the way I practice in the future to my patients benefit. I’m continually amazed by PRRT”

    C. Michael DuPriest, D.C., P.T., O.C.S., D.A.B.C.O., Little Rock, AR

    “quicker, more comprehensive”

    “In my 30 years in practice and many techniques, PRRT work has allowed me to assist patients in quicker, more comprehensive ways than in the past. This helps provide the results that my patients have come to depend on me for. Thank you John Iams for your wonderful breakthrough.”

    Thomas Tumbarello, D.C., Marietta, GA


    “I’ve been amazed by the results. Looking forward to learning more.”

    Scott Drubul, D.C., San Luis Obispo, CA

    “worth having”

    “The tools and knowledge John is offering are definitely worth having.”

    Duane Kimball, D.C., private practice, Duluth, MN

    “love what we have learned”

    “We love what we have learned! Thanks John for sharing your wonderful work with us.”

    John Thomas, D.C. & Amy Thomas, private practice, Wasilla, AK

    “transition from just pain to wellness”

    “I was thrilled (along with my patients) at how well the techniques worked. This was just with the basic course. While at your intermediate course, I was again amazed at how well those worked when done poorly by novices! My confidence with a patient has increased knowing that I can have even greater success than I was having before. And if I get a patient where manipulation may not be indicated I still have the ability to help this patient. This is exciting work and I’m thrilled to be involved with it so early. It has helped me transition from just pain to wellness by addressing the nervous system in a way that was not possible for me before. I am indebted to you and your work John.”

    Duane Paterson, D.C., private practice, Roseville, CA

    “best seminar I have ever taken”

    “The PRRT Seminar I took was the best seminar I have ever taken (and I’ve taken a lot of seminars). The more I learn about PRRT, the more I am impressed with the results.”

    Dave Schlute, D.C., L.M.T., C.P.T., Long Beach, CA

    “root cause for musculoskeletal pain”

    “Genius of an inventor behind seeking for underlying cause of pain and dysfunction is what John has done. This cause and its approach are the closest I have seen to finding a root cause for musculoskeletal pain that remains unresponsive to traditional methods.”

    Shawn W. Allen, D.C., D.A.B.C.O., F.A.C.O., D.A.B.A.A.M., private practice, Westmont, IL


    “Your PRRT Seminar was amazing!”

    Ole Olson, D.C., Ankeny, IA

    “gentle, cost-effective technique”

    “This is a nice, gentle, cost-effective technique. It’s really been amazing. I’m always impressed with you and your work John. Keep it up!”

    Barry Burton, D.C., private practice, Bethany, OK

    “chronic conditions respond in a very short time”

    “It has been an interesting adventure bringing the concepts of PRRT into my practice. Since then I have seen very chronic conditions respond in a very short time. Old work comp injuries, old auto injuries, etc. Mostly they have all involved a startling situation during the time of the injury. In other types of cases I am able to identify that the person under stress that they chose to conceal from me during the consultation phase. This is quite startling to most of these patients. I am finding that the combination of a few gentle techniques have brought faster relief with far fewer complications.”

    Robert A. Pratt, Sr., D.C., private practice, Pueblo, CO