PRRT Level 4 Beyond Advanced Seminar – Phoenix, AZ


Dear PRRT™ Practitioner, Many years have passed with so much new information, insights, and research since the Advanced. With 50+ techniques and strategies, you'll witness results that will keep you wondering how these techniques work so fast on so many people and most importantly how you could have practiced in the future without them. As the saying goes, don't...

Seated PRRT™ – Level 1 – Atlanta, GA


During the live seminar, attendees will: -Learn 20+ Primal Reflex Release Techniques™ These techniques address the most common conditions you face each day in your practice. You will observe other attendees being treated and see their pain released, usually in a matter of seconds. You will also have the opportunity to practice with other attendees....

PRRT Level 1 Seminar – Sahebnagar_Kalan, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

International Sujok Therapy Center, Chiropractor and Ostiopathy centre Plot No 30,31, Padmavati Nagar Colony, Sahebnagar_Kalan

Testimonials for Dr. Abhishek Sharma Hello all. I got introduced to PRRT in September 2022 through a workshop. To be frank, in the initial stage, I didn't believe in this. So I decided to be the model for the demonstration in order to know about it. In the first part, there was the 1-minute examination....

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