17 Years of Pain… Gone in 2 Sessions!

backpainDear Practitioner:

I’d like to share a story with you. I’m sure you’ve heard it before… someone who after a major accident, fall or injury has been forced to “live with the pain.”

I’ve never been willing to accept this outcome and neither should you!

Abby’s husband was attending our PRRT Live Seminar and asked if I would see her. On 2 separate weekends I spent roughly 2-3 hours (in total) with her. She felt such a dramatic change that she wanted to share it on video.

After amassing some 12,000+ views on our Facebook page, we decided it would be a good idea to schedule a phone call follow up with Abby.

Here’s her thoughts after our 2nd session:


A few months later we re-connected on the phone and I wanted to share this with everyone. FYI- the recording is about 55 mins but I wanted to give it to you unedited.

In the call, we discuss:

  • History of injuries (-54:26)
  • Her daily pain level before PRRT (-49:49)
  • Other therapies she explored (-47:28)
  • How it feels to be in pain & desperate for relief (-38:46)
  • The changes she’s experiencing (-36:10)
  • How many years she suffered (-35:08)
  • Her message to others in pain (-34:53)
  • How much time we spent on her treatment (-27:09)
  • Whether she feels it could be a placebo effect (-26:26)
  • Reflecting on her video (-20:56)
  • Her estimate of percentage improvement after each session (-13:49)
  • Update pain scale level after PRRT (-11:16)



Listening to Abby’s story of transformation from living in chronic pain to a life without pain can give you encouragement for what you too can learn to do.

Here’s the key….

You’ll need to begin to see the body in a whole new light… not based on someone’s technique approach.

“The words life changing aren’t even adequate”

I can teach you this.


Because I’ve taken the graduate level of Anatomy at USC and then studied for several years under the auspices of the world renowned and since passed on orthopedic surgeon, Jacqueline Perrry, M.D.

Dr. Perry was first a physical therapist and then became an orthopod.

During my graduate work at USC, I assisted her in teaching and was the only therapist allowed to be a “fly on the wall” for her now famous anatomy lectures for the orthopedic residents at Rancho Los Amigos.

Her insights on not only anatomy but also the biomechanics of the musculoskeletal system coupled with her EMG research in muscle function gave me insights which I feel helped me to “see” and “feel” what the human body is trying to tell us.

This is true with Abby and every person I treat.

Most of my patients have chronic conditions of pain which have defied numerous other practitioners in physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, etc.

Many of the patients experienced symptomatic temporary relief lasting minutes, hours, even days…only to have most if not all of their pain issues return.

In Abby’s case, it took me less than 10 minutes to perform my exam after taking a detailed history.

What I found were her muscle still in a “splinted” state from the force of impact of the MVA at age 14.

Remember, the law of conservation of energy states that energy can be neither created or destroyed – only transferred… in this case into her muscles & fascia.

The relief with my gentle, non-force PRRT maneuvers was both instant and painless.

Abby would immediately, without my prompting, begin to move parts of her body which prior to my maneuvers, she was unable/unwilling to move.

The difference now is that the movement felt great as I had transmuted nocioception into proprioception.

“On a daily basis… I’m walking around at a zero”

This happens all the time with PRRT and in seconds when the areas affected are found and released.

More importantly, the results are usually lasting.

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2 thoughts on “17 Years of Pain… Gone in 2 Sessions!”

  1. Paula Franetti says:

    Hi John,
    I recently discovered information about PRRT and my interest continues to grow as I watch and read your daily messages. Today’s interview with Abby convinced me to take action. I am interest in either finding a PRRT practitioner in the Pittsburgh area or learning the technique myself if it is possible to self treat.
    I am a highly active and healthy 61 yo female with an exercise physiology and prosthetics background and have a good handle on anatomy and physiology. I was in a driver side T-boned MVA on September 13, 2017 from which I sustained 7 fractures in my pelvis (4-of the superior and inferior raimus; a region 2 sacral fracture, and bilateral ala fractures; (4) L-1,2,3 and (1) C7 transverse process fractures, a ruptured diaphragm and a punctured bladder from fragments of the superior raimus fracture. Miraculously I am not in severe chronic pain but am developing nerve and muscle spasms radiating from the C7 region and some episodes SI and lumbar pain. I’m also experiencing motion sickness, balance and vestibular problems as well as over compensating scalene and almost all of the forward reaching muscle groups. PT seems to be increasing the symptoms and they keep telling me I have to keep working to strengthen the smaller weak muscles and stretch the larger restricting muscle groups. I know that this is not going to solve the root problem but they are limited in what they can provide and am questioning whether to continue.
    Plus from hearing Abby’s story I have great hope that since my accident was not that long ago that my muscle spasms will respond even faster. I do have some structural arthritic limitations that I don’t know can be improved or mitigated. I have fairly large cervical lordosis. And I can feel subluxation or something shifting at C7-T1 almost all the time.

    Can you please suggest a few options for me to pursue?

    Your work and approach to healing is much needed and I am so grateful to have found you this early in my recovery journey.


    1. Erick Iams says:

      Hi Paula,

      Sorry for the delay in reply – we get so many spam comments on the blog that we’re not good at tracking the real ones. Were you able to find anyone in your area?

      Would highly suggest you seek out Jeffrey Moyer at DC Sports Clinic in Pittsburgh.


      Please update us when you have a chance.

      Best regards,

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