Your head is getting bigger…and I can prove it!

Bet you’re shocked by my statement.

I know it sounds strange but it’s an observation I’ve made over the decades that has proven to be true and I’ve never seen anyone explain this phenomena.

I don’t pretend to have the answer so hope you will.

Here’s how I can prove my point…

Look at a picture of yourself when you were fully grown like when you were in college.

Note the width of your cranium… distance between your ears.

Now, look at a recent picture and note the same distance.

Tell me you don’t notice your cranium has expanded in width.

Here’s all I know about this strange and unmentioned fact…

It sure isn’t that my cranium has expanded because I’m getting smarter.

In fact, given where I am at 68, I should have microcephaly to match my decline.

Now’s your chance to prove me wrong or… explain why my observation is right and begs a scientific explanation.

Click the contact link to the left and send me your thoughts.

I will await your reply.


One thought on “Your head is getting bigger…and I can prove it!”

  1. Adamari says:

    John, Only the finest will survive. It is all about available money. It depends on how much money you have and how wisely you spend it. As dollars get less the market place discriminates. So people will shop for the best value and pay only for results. Physicians/ referral sources will also be judged not only on their work but the referrals they make. They will start to discriminate look for those with the better results. They may start to see therapists as different because of the results. As the finest see more patients they will refer more and become a source of patients. Once this is achieved reciprocal referral will become a trump card to feeding the finest. Direct access and the ability to behave as a primary care physical therapist are essential keys to the survival of the finest. We all may be working for cash and maybe for less?? but it is all about how much money people have to spend and results. It all seems logical and yet nothing seems logical these days so what do I know.

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