JFK’s Chronic Back Pain…Musings on how it may have impacted his life & death

I’ve been trying to watch all the historical segments on JFK given yesterday was the 50 year anniversary of his death.

Here’s just a thought from all I’ve been able to gather…

JFK had a history of Addison’s disease which effects the adrenals.

He took testosterone for some time to put back on weight and muscle mass.

He had the PT boat accident during WWII when his PT boat was cut in half by
a Japanese ship.

Not sure if he had any back pain prior to this war trauma.

Now some things to consider…

Given the literature talks about co-morbidity of low back pain & depression
wonder if JFK had depression as we know Lincoln struggled with during his life.

I heard JFK wore ace wraps around his upper legs and then wove it up to his
lower back along with his constant company of his back brace.

You probably know Dr. Janet Travell was his doctor and used her approaches to help him.

Wonder if some of his back pain was referred visceral pain coming from his adrenals?

Given the stress he was under with the Cuba missile crisis & the war, seems possible
the stress might have exacerbated his Addison’s issue.

One last note I hear…

If JFK hadn’t been wearing a back brace in the limo when he was shot, the 2nd shot would
have been unlikely to have hit him as he too would have slumped from the 1st one like Connelly did
making his a more difficult target to hit his head.