100 Million People in Chronic Pain

Just saw this statistic… 100 million people in chronic pain!

Hard to believe.

Seems we’re going in the wrong direction with “health care”

Wonder how many of these people are finding solutions and eventual resolution to their pain.


Are they:

Medicating with potential addictive meds, recreational drugs including alcohol?

Learning to live with it haven’t given up trying various therapies?

Having problems sleeping?

Finding pain adversely impacts their personal relationships?

Having a hard time trying to continue to work at a job or at home?

Added undesired weight to their bodies due to reduced activity?

Stayed tuned as I will be adding some recommendations to help if you are one of the 100 million!

One thought on “100 Million People in Chronic Pain”

  1. Devendra says:

    Hi John!Yes, I’m still out here going at it and staying busy. You know, as I look at the curnret climate, and as I try to discern the curnret direction of our new administration, I’m not so sure we’ll all end up in a no insurance society. In fact, it looks like the battle is back on to provide universal coverage in one way or another. I could write a book on my thoughts here, but in keeping it simple, I see that there will always be a market for those who want more, want better, want results and the faster the better. As an Advanced PRRT practitioner, I can attest that this bag of tricks is truly one that puts those who have it ahead of the those who don’t. Nuff said. God Bless America and private practice PT’s

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