The Greening of America’s Pain

Everywhere we look, people are talking about “greening”. It’s about saving our valuable resources. A couple of our most valuable resources not often spoken of are our time and money. How does this relate to musculo-skeletal pain and  reatment? Quite simply, the traditional model of 3 times a week for 3 or more weeks just won’t fit the “greening” model of the future. What will?

One of the most innovative approaches to rapid triage of musculo-skeletal pain is Primal Reflex Release Technique. PRRT offers a rapid assessment and treatment of the seldom, if ever, evaluated central and   ripheral influences of facilitated joint protective reflexes. PRRT fits the “greening” model as it’s possibly the only  approach whereby it must yield results in a session or two and if not, it should be discontinued and another approach  sought. In a world where patients have little time to be off work for a dozen sessions of therapy and even less money for their co-pay, PRRT offers a true “greening” by it’s ability to resolve many musculo-skeletal pain issues in just a couple sessions. What makes it even more appealing is it’s ability to seamlessly blend with whatever approach a practitioners currently uses.

Look for more approaches like PRRT to move to the forefront as we see more of the “greening” effect in the future of health care.

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