Why the contentious nature of comparing techniques

Maybe it’s just human nature but it seems whenever the discussion arises of a technique someone isn’t skilled in or doesn’t believe in, there’s a contentious response. Could this be a territorial protective response? Not sure.

What I do know is that it discourages sharing of ideas and techniques. The bottom line is everything works on someone yet not everyone. It’s a matter of matching the right approach to the patient and then being open to bring in other approaches if needed to achieve the end result.

One thought on “Why the contentious nature of comparing techniques”

  1. Just reviewing your “sample” treatment videos, I immediately am able to design additional, and rapid approaches to my exclusively manual physiotherapy approaches evolved over the last 45 years of my career. I deal with slightly different economics in private practice in Canada, but am relieved by knowing that I am not out here in the therapeutic “wilderness”!

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